Our community selected this company to assist with our stucco repairs and property painting. They have been phenomenal to say the least. It was not an easy project to take on and we expected our residents to be somewhat frustrated with the inconvenience of our upgrade process. However, since the project start date we have had nothing but positive feedback from our tenants, with little to no hic-up. We recommend UCS to any company who needs hard working professionals who always have a smiles on their faces. This team knows how to get the job done, and done right!

-Lacey Pfirrman


I reached out to UCS for an estimate to remodel my outdated bathroom. I was extremely pleased with their customer service, profesionalism and better yet the quote. The outcome was beyond belief. They did a PHENOMENAL job. I will definitely use them again. I highly recommend them. In fact, I have the kitchen and the fence next. Thanks UCS!!

-Irving Rimolo


I was extremely pleased with the professionalism portrayed by Universal Contrancting Services. Would strongly recommend for anyone looking to do remodle projects, as well as consulting any other services related to their industry.

-Claudia Florez